Tuesday, November 4, 2008

country life

We all have a lot on our minds with getting so close to moving in, so a few weeks ago G told me that she heard a bulldozer knocking trees down on our property I blew it off as just noise. Then this past weekend J told me that our neighbor on our property where a path had been cut through the trees. This time I was more attentive and told her to tell her father as I was in the middle of something. He went to check it out.

So pray that this be resolved and we can get on with things. We have enough on our plate.

Good news is that today a bunch of things were accomplished: Carpet is in--it makes it look so much more homey. More of the electrical is done, but they still have a lot to do and left in the middle of the day. The mantle is up. More trim work is done. Tom (finish carpenter) says thing will move fast. He doesn't want to work around us next week, but is pretty sure he will have to. I finally got the grout haze mostly gone, sealed the grout and started to caulk the joints. I can't wait to get closet things in--tomorrow I will start that.

My dad is coming tomorrow so even more will happen. At least he will provide a distraction from the normal.
I will try to get pictures up soon after we "move in". I can't wait to wake up to a room that is warmer than 45 degrees...and take a shower without feeling like I have gone to the shower house...and cook in a real oven with more than two burners...and have hot and cold running water in my kitchen...and not worry about how warm the little children are...and to sit in my blue chair! I am a spoiled American!
Soon very soon.

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linda said...

So what did you find out?
Why would the neighbors do this?