Sunday, April 18, 2010

The Day I turned 40

I was awakened by a sweet little angel crawling in bed with me....well, she wasn't that sweet, it was over an hour before I planned to get up

Then we had a lovely breakfast of strawberry muffins G made that were left over from dinner the night before.
Just as I thought the day was going smoothly, someone says "There goes Bobby." Bobby is our dog...well, he's mostly my dog and D feeds him and G walks and tries to train him. He loves to wander but for safety he lives in a kennel. Well, now there is a hole under the fence.
So Gabbi spent the next hour or so trying to get Bobby back in the kennel, then realizing that wasn't going to work she tied him up to the picnic table with in reach of the pond.
Meanwhile Daniel took over the school work she was doign on the computer.Mary colored 5 pictures,And I got ready for a shower...before noon...amazing!!

I even planned to put on some make-up. It did happen, but after I called a friend to bring J home since we were running late.

So not too bad. We were supposed to leave at 11:30.
The 1.25 miles to the main road is generally smooth sailing

J did not think it was safe for me to drive and take pictures, so she grabbed for the camera

And took over the pictures.

This is the main route to "town" some woods and mostly farm fields.
The direct way to most of the places we go has a bridge out. The detour is minor
We beat Todd by enough time to go to the bathroom. It was a busy day at Horizon's, but we had reservations. We call ahead every time now since we take up so much room.

It is a buffet with at least 3 entrees, 2 veggies, a salad bar and the best....

a desert bar. My favorite is the pecan pie. They had just brought a whole one out as I was finishing my lunch...yummmmm.
This is what is left of D's dessert. He ate most of the icing and the bottom half, it had cherries in it.

After lunch I gave Todd a big smooch and was off for an afternoon of shopping ALONE.

My first stop was at a thrift store I had never been to. It was more like a garage sale than anything. In my brother's birthday wishes he suggested that I "Go do something fun to make you feel younger. Swing on a swing, eat a Happy Meal, paint some kid's face purple. " I was amazed to see the only paint they had was purple. I had to buy some for fun. I haven't painted anything yet.
My next stop was the one I was most looking forward toThis quilt shop is right around the corner from our old house. I have been on 2 retreats with these ladies. The fabric is beautiful. I was looking for some extra fabric to start a quilt for the basement guestroom. Matching more than one fabric is not a job to be done with helpers. It is a very kid friendly place, but the last time were there D gave M a bloody nose. One of the owners homeschooled her 5 children until they were in high school so we are kind of kindred spirits. Then I went to what is probably my favorite thrift/consignment store. They only carry ladies clothes, but in all sizes. I found a couple skirts I brought home. Right next door is another resale shop. They carry more brand names and formal things. J loves to look there. I rarely find my size, but like to look at the clothes when I can.

I tried to stop at one more thrift store but they were closed. And I was getting tired. Todd's little car is rough on my back. So I grabbed an Iced Tea and headed back to our place in the country.

When I got home this is what I found

School was still going on. I know they ran some errands before going home, but I was for sure they'd be done.

After a light dinner I wanted to be outside so I decided to plant some onions...with some help from N. She wanted to get them in her garden so we worked together.

Todd got everyone in bed as I wrapped up.

I thought it'd be a great way to end my day to see my babies sleeping. Well, some of them were sleeping.

One was faking Some knew they were supposed to be doing one of the above
And one couldn't be bothered.The last think I did was finish a baby blanket I had been working on.

It was a great day!


Jennifer said...

Glad you had a fun day!

mommyx12 said...

It looks like a great day judging from your post.