Thursday, May 6, 2010

New kids

G wanted another animal this season. She went back and forth between sheep and goats but was sure she wanted a fiber animal. We had a guy look for us then we looked. IT took a while but I finally found these listed online. They live about 1.5 hours from here. We went to see them Wednesday. It was a long wet car ride, but with "expert" advice from our 4-H leader friend we put some money down. Now we have to decide about dehorning them or not (G's research project for the weekend) and wait until they are weaned. We decided to name them Elinor and Marianne (from Jane Austin's novel Sense and Sensibility)
This is them curled up in the cupboard with their mama (a pygora) guarding them. This is their papa an angora goat. Look at all that fiber!!

Actually our first new critter of the season was N's birthday present. She had been wanting a bunny since last year. While Todd was away on business I took the chance and bought her a mini-lop with a hutch and feeding equipment. Todd didn't complain and Natalie was thrilled.
His given name was Floppy, but when we found he is a boy Natalie wanted to change it to something more masculine. So now he is Zoser a character from the musical Aida.
Why in the world did I think that G would get her "computer school" work done outside?
Distracted by little sister:Distracted by whatever was happening over by the pond:
I am sure there were many more distractions,
but it looks like she did concentrate for a little while at least.


Anonymous said...

Welcome new N. Members! You all are very cute- but not as cute as T!- I would be distracted from a computer too G.

Brittany Thompson said...

Haha, awe how cute. I love the part about Gabbi and her schoolwork being done outside. :) Love your blog!

mommyx12 said...

I love the photos. Too cute and perfect timing.