Sunday, September 13, 2009


Pictures I took around the yard on the first of September:
I love the Macro on my new camera.

This is one of Bobby's cooling/nap holes. He has a few, some are bigger and deeper than this. When we get around to getting his kennel we won't twist our ankles in the back yard any more.

Bobby's home. The Dog house is used, but was a gift. He does sleep in it when the cats aren't tormenting him.

The pond is even lower than this right now.
I was hoping to have a bunch of these gourds for birdhouse projects for the fair next year. This is the only one big enough.

So far we have had 2 edible watermelons. We should have one more. They aren't very bit, but they were yummy.

I planted sunflowers all over. They are beautiful right now. We are hoping to get enough seeds for a few snacks.

Here are the tallest on the south side of the house.

I got 3 pumpkins. They aren't huge, but they are almost perfectly round--just the way I like pumpkins short and plump.
A few of my delphiniums bloomed. They are beautiful, of course my favorite color. I will need to find a way to stake them next year.

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JennJenn said...

Bobby Is SOOOOO... CUTE now I just need to see him in person! :-)