Tuesday, February 17, 2009

Retro Jumper

I finally am getting around to posting pictures of the Jumper I made before I made the S & S Romantic blouse to go with it. It is a Simplicity retro pattern. Before I cut anything I lengthened the bodice an inch, straightened the front darts and shortened the back darts. It fit amazingly well. I am getting pretty good at this fitting thing if I don't say so myself. ahem ahem. The only thing I needed to adjust was some how I got the bodice lining smaller than the bodice so I turned the lining into facing during breakfast the morning I wore it the first time. I also need to trim the front of the arm hole as it was too small to move freely and work in. I had enough fabric left over to make a dress for T. She is tall and keeps growing out of things. I put a 5 inch hem in her dress so it will last for a long time. She told J that she looked like Christine (from Phantom of the Opera).

Sorry the pictures aren't the best. My photographers in training aren't well read in digital camera settings.

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Cheryl Dorann said...

How nice you both look. The jumper, blouse and dress all look great! My little one has been wanting matching Mommy/daughter outfits for while, now you have inspired me!