Tuesday, February 17, 2009

Princess Photos

Once upon a time....that's how princess stories start right?...in a Walmart far far away M and I spotted a fairy costume that was too cute to pass up. But the price wasn't. A few weeks later the same pattern was a 99 cent deal at Jo Ann's so we snatched it up. Then she chose the closest green fabric she saw--fortunately we were standing right next the the clearance bolts that we also marked down. So my little fairly who has been on a Tinkerbell kick got the makings for a Tink costume. I told her when it warmed up I would make it--hoping to get some "real" clothes done first. But the "Real" clothes didn't take long and even with cutting and sewing together 16 petal pieces neither did the Tink costume.

She even flits around like a fairy.

Cinderella was searching through the 99 cent patterns also and had difficulty finding her size, but finally did. Then she found the fabric once again on the half off the clearance. It took a bit to find the poof and sleeve fabric, but using the coupons it was easier. So This is what Cinderella spent some of her Christmas gift money on. I asked her if she had money left to pay someone to sew it up. She gave me a scowl. Then thought about and started asking questions, but quickly decided that she would be patient until mommy got to it and not think about spending the amount of money it would take to pay someone to sew.

I had some trouble with lighting--I need a better place to take these kind of pictures, suggestions?--I tried to fix some of the lighting problems with Paint shop, but I need more practice.

I added 18 inches to each of the 3 skirt pieces...it is almost impossible for a princess to have too full of a skirt.

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Cheryl Dorann said...

Gorgeous girls!