Tuesday, December 2, 2008


After Mom and Chad left and we returned home from church it started snowing--wet heavy snow. It didn't stop until Monday afternoon. The pond
View of driveway from the front porch
View of back drive from back garage door

Monday was the day I planned to start back to the reality of homeschooling and housekeeping. I didn't figure the snow would effect us much, just more reason to stay home. But the lack of electricity did slow us down a bit. The windows kept us in plenty of light until about dinner time. It was a nice quiet evening in front of the fire and a good excuse to get lots of school read-alouds done. Some of the children chose to sleep in front of the fire.

The lack of electricity really didn't phase me much. Life was still better then in the barn: it was warm (it never dropped below 63) and light until the sun went down then we had candles and the stove, all 5 burners, still worked. We weren't prepared for the well not working though. Fortunately I had a couple of jugs of distilled water hiding and then Todd brought home a bunch more. The electricity come back on around 4 am and we spent today trying again to get back to a reality schedule.
As I am writing this the power went out again. We are more prepared (bottled water in the basement) this time, but hopefully this will be short lived as Consumer's Energy fine tunes the repairs already made. Guess it's time to snuggle under the covers and go to sleep.

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Kim Davey said...

Becky, Your snow pictures are beautiful! It looks like your living in Narnia. Hey, that's what you should name the property!!? The pic of the pond made me smile. It is quite romantic.

Love to you all and praying for job security,