Wednesday, September 17, 2008

warm fuzzy

I was hoping to have pictures up, but....

It has been slow going for me since I spent a long weekend watching it rain and dealing with little ones. T hasn't been sleeping well, it rained 4 inches while Todd was Salmon fishing on the other side of the state, and my back has been sore. We spent the weekend watching TV in the basement of the house. I did get my appliances picked out. We were all covered with drywall dust. If you have experience with this dust you know how it gets into everything. M's hair felt like it had glue in it because of the dust. Anyhow, we stayed mostly dry and ate out to warm up.

We were cleared to start painting Friday--but since Todd was away it started Monday night. Now that is our evening entertainment: paint between wondering what the younger children are up to. The first couple of nights they watched DVDs, but I told them no more movies until the basement was clean--it may be a while until we watch TV again.

Today we spent running errands. It always is exhausting to me. We did accomplish quite a bit: bought paint for all of the downstairs (6 colors that had to be custom mixed, plus some glaze for texture, ceiling paint and more primer=21 gallons and 1 quart) and brushes; made final carpet decisions; picked up a tile sample; and bought $150 in groceries.

So after this exhausting day and dinner and washing all the pots and pans because of mouse infestation in the camper and cutting in corners for Todd as he painted, supervising J as she learned to cut in corners and use a roller. As this was going on G had the littles quite entertained. I heard something about cookies and cream. I should have worried. First I thought they had gotten into the ice cream we bought today. No not so easy--Gabbi found an almost empty tub of drywall mud added water and dirt and "It looks just like cookies and cream ice cream!" It was all over T and M.

While we were at G's first riding lesson with a new teacher and horse the electric guys put in some lights in the basement and answered some questions.

So onto the warm fuzzy. I was getting things ready for bed and walked by the drive from the camper to the house and all the main level and basement windows had warm yellow light glowing from them. It looked like the house was coming alive, becoming a home!

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