Sunday, September 28, 2008

9-26 update

This is actually a few days old, but new to the blog. I can't keep up with what is going on on the inside of the house--I hope to have pictures tomorrow after laundry.

A new lawn, maybe someday

The children and I started to get rid of roots in the yard to plant grass. We started with the flower bed under my bedroom window. we cleared it then planted over 100 daffodil and hyacinth bulbs. It didn't change the appearance much but it will be beautiful in the spring. Everyone helped, J found that she doesn't have a passion for growing things. She was helpful though in helping the littles get their bulbs right side up. Then we planted the herbs I brought from the other house. They haven't thrived this summer, but didn't die either. I hope they like their new home. I hope to add to my collection and line the walk with pretty smells.

The roots from the front bed.

Herbs from door to drive: lavender (I have 2 kinds but don't remember which is which), sage, lemon balm, and oregano (the last 2 are in pots as containment measures so they don't take over.)

We were also able to clear the front, garage and family room yards to plant grass. Then my back really hurt. I wish fun things didn't cause my back to hurt. Any how we still need to cover the seed with straw and pray for rain.


Then the children had the last swim. They got warm working, but the swim didn't last long as the water is already pretty cold. They did get the little ladder out of the water--it has been floating around for a month.

Fall colors

Things are getting colorful in the house and out....

Early October is usually the peek of color, but we have a good start now.

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MIgirls said...

Can't wait to see all your flowers in the front of your house! We may not recognize it as a "Norris" home if in the spring we didn't drive up and see daffodils or tulips! ;-)