Tuesday, October 19, 2010

I am alive

I have gotten a few comments recently so I know there are people out there reading.

My daughter stole my camera.
My new Internet is not friendly to loading lots of pictures.
I am busy (wait that is all the time)

Recent adventures: cheese making with raw goat and cow milk; cleaning out the upstairs of the barn; sewing a (loosely) Middle Ages costume for one of my suppliers; enjoying the beautiful fall weather; nursing a cold, plus the colds of my children; hosting a small group for church; canning applesauce and tomatoes; making soap; driving to town for various appointments; supporting J in her first theatrical role, including driving to some rehearsals; being single parent while Todd has been in South America.

J promised to share some pictures with me, then I can pass on some to you. You can also checkout her blog to see what we have been doing.

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