Saturday, July 31, 2010

Fair week: no pictures.

It was a crazy week here this week. I kept friends and family up to date via Facebook. Here is brief a journal of the week.

July 23 at 11:55pm: Still entries are due tomorrow at the Saginaw County Fair Grounds. Almost done..just a twin quilt to bind and then garden crops/flowers in the am. Then a little break until Tuesday...see you at the fair!!!

July 24 at 8:54pm: Took 88 still exhibits to the fair today. Then took a 3 hour nap.

July 26 at 10:41pm: Animals are all tucked into their fair homes. Hope the goats stay put better this year than last. I am already tired. If Todd thinks this thing is going to be restful I may have to sick our 4-H leader on him with some jobs.
Looking forward to seeing you at the fair. Saginaw County Fair begins today
Hundreds of volunteers and hundreds of animals are expected to attract more than 20,000 attendees to the Saginaw County Fairgrounds this week.

In the article is a picture of my hand holding my (well my daughter's) goats in one hand. I believe with the other I was holding a chicken.

July 27 at 8:05am: Less than an hour until show time.
Goats today. See you at the Fair!

July 27 at 7:33pm: Had an great and exhausting day at the Fair...highlights: G, Grand and Reserve grand champion Angora Goats, best of show for G and J in still exhibits, lots of blues for J and I especially.
-Josie {typing for Mommy} Oh, and she won the *very prestigious* "Home maker of the Year" award! :) :) :)

Aunt Ruth: Will us plain old ordinary house wives be able to associate with
...the royalty up there?Don't let Todd forget this award!!!
Me: You plain ordinary "housewives" are my mentors and heroes 96th Annual Saginaw County Fair Begins In Chesaning N is in a video segment getting her bunny out. The little girl interviewed is in our club and was in my embroidery class..yes she really is that pretty and sweet! She won Jr. Showmanship for goats. And will show her Turkey tomorrow and Bunny on Thursday

Wednesday 7/28 AM: Starting another long exciting day at the county fair...poultry (2 girls and 6 birds), style show, and public speaking (4 kids and 5 speeches)
And of course I will be there in my crown and sash--maybe some make up.

PM: J, N and D did dramatic readings. N had a costume that I finished last night at 11, chanting to my self 'I am my mother". J's was amazing. G did a group thing on goats then and individual on dog care.
G and N did well with their chickens. Unfortunately they were competing against each other. G also got a blue ribbon for the goat obstacle course with her dwarf.
Todd stayed with some of the kids to watch tractor racing. I just put little girls to bed. I plan on them crashing.

Wednesday at 9:52pm: Another long tiring day at the fair. G got 3rd (by 1/2 point to 2nd) for poultry showmanship. The 5 birds received 2 first, 2 second and a fourth. G and Hugs (goat) won a blue for the obstacle course (she can get him to do almost anything). Speech/reading placings were not posted when I left.
The little girls fell asleep before I could kiss them goodnight. Todd has the rest watching tractor racing and fireworks; so I am trying to decide between a hot bath or a cool shower and then the hot pad and a good book.
Tomorrow is Bunny and the dog show. And I really want to watch the showmanship round robin where all of the best showmanship kids compete switching animals.

Thursday at 10:31pm: Another fun filled day at the fair. G and her team won best of show for their demonstration. J won first for her reading and N second (different age groups). N's rabbit showmanship class was very competitive and she learned a lot.; her buck placed #5. Spent the day with friends...and we saw a bunch of friends from church today. That made the day go faster for the little ones.

Tomorrow is 3 horse classes for G, the auction (we don't participate, but friends do) and the rodeo (spectating only)

The highlight for our club was that of the 3 top showmanship levels 2 went to Stoney River Riders members. And the top points went to our dear friend Paige Carman.

Only two more days of the Saginaw County Fair. If you haven't been out come on out. Today is the youth Pleasure Horse Show and the Rodeo. Tomorrow is Youth Speed Horse show. Of course all the cute animals are still there and the rides and the still exhibits.
Sunday will be a serious day of rest around here (after we get everything and everyone home from the fair grounds).
Only 2 more days to see me in my tiara and sash, except for rare public appearances...I hope that doesn't scare you away

Friday PM: Fair report: G earned a first, a second and two fourths in her western pleasure walk/trot classes. J and N helped with the livestock buyers' dinner. I got to watch some of the auction. It was amazing to see the fair community come together to bid on a donation Lamb...the winning bid raised over $5000 for the fair grounds. Made me cry. It was beautiful.

Stayed for the rodeo and fireworks. The children and I were there from 9 am to 10 pm. A very long day.

The Argus-PressSag. Goats take their shot at ‘obstinate’ course County Fair event pits goat in obstacle competition
The "obstinate course" is hilarious to watch.
We cheer and laugh and cheer and laugh.
They are doing it again tomorrow...well later 4 PM in front of the horse barn

Finally G's show pants are in the dryer and I can get in bed.
Tomorrow is the youth Speed Horse Show, G will be riding 3-4 classes depending on how the horse is doing. See you at the fair.

Saturday 11:PM: Only a couple of events today. The Youth Horse Speed Show started out a bit damp, but it became a beautiful day. G earned 2 thirds, a fifth and a sixth in her first speed show. Later Hugs earned a 6th place for the second obstacle course. His pen-mate Heidi came in last I think. It's easier to push or pull a little goat around than a big one.

Fair ends tonight: relieved and exhausted and sad and happy and overwhelmed (at the mess in my house that I haven't even been in most of the week.)
Last year was good, but this year we were more involved, and it was just an amazing experience. The effort the organizers, volunteers, parents and especially the kids made this week is stupendous.

I am not ready to talk about next year's fair yet, but ready to think about preparing, mostly animals and their issues, for what we think we want to do in the next year with out "farm"
I have been eyed for an even more involved position when T is big.
Even through all the just hanging around the little ones had to do while they watched and waited for the older ones they are sad that there is no Fair tomorrow.

We have a 4-H meeting Tuesday so we won't go into 4-H withdrawal to deeply. My children all made new friends or strengthened old friendships.

Tonight after dinner Todd asked the children what their favorite thing was at the fair. T: Puppet show, M: candy (at the vendor booths), D the electric trains, N riding rides with 4-H friends, G winning gold fish at the midway (more animals), J hanging out with and getting to know 4-H friends, Todd seeing em get my award and the rodeo. I think my favorite was the camaraderie of the fair family and being part of it or seeing my children challenged and rewarded for hard work.

Hopefully J or I will get pictures on our blog this week.

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