Saturday, June 5, 2010

I have an excuse

for not computer is being a snail. I am not sure if it is my computer or my internet.

Coming soon to the barn blog will be the garden and our family's first horse show. When will depend on my patience with the cyber world.

I do want to type a small blurb about the horse show.
I was amazed with G's performance. As soon as she got in her show clothes she seemed transformed, kind of like Cinderella. She won first place in her first show in the walk trot showmanship class.

Later as I reflected on the day I thought of Mom. I would have loved to have had her here. I could just hear he say "Wow has she grown up" "She has found HER place" and the like. Plus I like to think that she would have praises for me.

I missed you especially today Mom.

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Lainie said...

Give her a big "High-Five" from the Stumpfs! Emelie says good job! We now have 3 horses here, so you have to come visit!