Friday, January 2, 2009

Christmas in Indy

We got to my mom's for lunch. As the finishing touches were being done my brother grabbed his girlfriends (Kim) hand and held up to my face. A beautiful ring was on her left hand. Congratulations!
After lunch we opened gifts with my mom and Greg and Kim.

Josie was thrilled with her book about the show Wicked and that excited everyone else.

Greg and Kim did their shopping in Mexico, where they got engaged. Todd got a hammock. I got really yummy chocolate.

Daniel received his first Lego set from my mom. Todd got him started and in no time he had it all put together.

The next day we went to my dad's house and celebrated with Dad and Nancy, Greg and Kim were also there.

The next day N and Mom went shopping as part of N's gift. G, J and I went to Broadripple to explore. Not many of my clan can just go window shopping and there is little in Broadripple that we could afford or isn't a restaurant. But it was fun to look.
We decided to leave that evening. The weather was so nice we gave Mom another gift--help with yard work. Some were more helpful than other, but it was great for us all to spend time outside without getting wet or freezing.
We left right after dinner. The first half of the trip went great--sleeping children and great weather. Shortly after we got in to MI it started to rain and freeze. Around Lansing it stared to snow. It was very slow going. We finally got home after midnight and spent the next day reorganizing and relaxing.

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