Tuesday, August 11, 2009

A Few Fair highlights part one

I know, I know, it has been forever since I have posted anything. We have been busy. I have spent a lot of my computer time watering our sand garden. We actually have eaten a couple tomatoes and cucumbers from it.

THE EVENT of the summer....

The Saginaw County Fair! This was our second year participating, our first with animals. Total we had over 50 entries for our family. 2 goats, 2 chickens, lots of sewing, jam, cookies, drawing, photography, general crafts, beans, peppers, and flowers.

We spent many hours each day at the fairgrounds. It was fun for all including my mom, but tiring.
She did fine!!! I told her that I was impressed that she talked to the judge (she has an aversion to talking to strangers). She said, "But moooommmm, I had to he is the judge"This is the other bird she took. She earned second and third place ribbons and a trophy.

Daniel loved the volunteer fireman's booth where he put out pretend fires and got a new fire hat every day.
Meeting other 4-H'ers and their animals. We spent time with our 4-H friends and met all kinds of new friends who also spent the week at the fairgrounds.
T with a baby chick at the petting zoo.
Gabbi giving Heidi one last spit shine. Waiting to see G in the show ring.
Talking to the judge during showmanship.Giving Hugs some kisses.
We interrupt this goat show for the rabbit and poultry costume parade. Dorothy, I mean N, is wearing my mom's red slippers that she wore to a high school dance.The costume classes are so funny...people come up with some very creative ideas. We watched the horse costume class later in the week which included Susan from Narnia on an Unicorn, Pipi Longstocking, a sheep, Cruella De Ville and one of the Dalmatians. Goat costume class...a princess and her pet fire breathing goat. I finished Hugs's costume at midnight the night before. It is a dog costume with some adaptions for a big belly and longer legs and neck.
I didn't photo graph all of the still exhibits...I don't think I ever found all of our families' entries, but here are some:Josie's Swing dress made from a Sense and Sensibility Pattern.
Mom talking to one of the volunteers. I think she helped keep them form getting bored.
These are the adult open clothing sewing entries. 6 of them are mine. The Blue and red jacket, the denim skirt, blue and white blouse, blue and pink robe, blue and white dress, and darker pink night gown. I also entered an apron made from the same fabric as the robe. The children and I were happy to get our clothes back. Especially N's night gown, my robe and M's sweater, an early birthday present.
My peppers were in the running for the smallest in the fair and my beans the biggest (not a good thing). I did an herb arrangement that I really liked but didn't get any pictures taken before it wilted.
You can see D's eye for detail in his pictures of his beloved trains. He also entered a blanket, a Lego car, and 2 drawings. He did very well for his first year.
Josie's embroidery project, her second ever, earned a best of show ribbon. I was impressed. They all did a great job!!
Now that we have gotten some sleep we have big plans for next year including some speeches, dog agility, and more sewing projects. They also think we should enter some of the things we received from Todd's Grandmother's estate in the antiques department. In talking with other 4-H moms, we all would like to get more done before the end of July!